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New Look. MORE Book.

Do you feel discontent, disregarded, or unworthy?


Single Truth is written from the heart of a marriage counselor who shares her story of longing, heartache, and adventure as a single woman in her 30’s. Two years following an excruciating breakup with her first love, she committed to a year-long dating fast to dive deeper into her personal relationship with God, confront her deepest fears, and learn to embrace her season of singleness.

This book will help you to:

Experience a love that is free, faithful, and fruitful
Discover your true identity in Christ
Accept the gift of the present moment

Annie Harton provides a refreshing perspective on singleness as she integrates her personal experience with her background in theology and psychology. She learned the hard way to not let her relationship status define her. Join her on a journey of getting unstuck and thriving in the tension of “ready - but not yet”


Ebook $0.99 or Paperback $4.99

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