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When I like something, I love it! I'm excited that these businesses have partnered with me so that I not only get to share of my favorite things with you, but also get a good deal! 

beaheart placemat.jpeg

Be A Heart

I think everything that Erica Tigue Campbell creates is a gem and something I want to put in my home. She's  incredibly talented. You can find anything in her shop from newborn to aged.

Monk Manual

There is something about planners that intrigue me throughout every season. I have always wanted to be a planner and have everything organized. This planner reminds you that you are a human BEING and need to stop and reflect amidst the rush of productivity. 

monkmanual website Large.jpeg

Hallow App

Since the birth of this app, I have incorporated it into my prayer life. It has daily prayers, rosaries, night time meditations, Gospel readings, music, and more! 

Sock Religious

My friends from Indy Catholic founded this business right here in Indianapolis. I love to celebrate just about any day of the year. These socks help to spark conversation and reflection when you look down at your feet.

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