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At His Feet


16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Genesis 18:1-10 | Psalm 15 | Colossians 1:24-28 | Luke 10:38-42

Dear one,

You are anxious and worried about many things. Sit at my feet and tell me about them. I want to know everything on your heart. Please welcome me into everything you do -- work and rest. Don't be hesitant to rest with me especially when you don't think you have time. You don't have time to NOT sit with me. I fill you with peace and joy so you are able to bring the Father glory as you love me through those you serve. I am in you as a living hope.

Your journey is not the same as those around you. Don't judge or compare. Don't gossip. Rather pray for one another as you carry out the work I call you to do. Work together and affirm your neighbor's strengths and gifts so you see the best in them. Present everyone perfect in me.

Listen to my voice above the world's. When you spend time with me, you will find enough time to carry out your mission each day. Believe in my Word, know that I am the Lord, and you shall never be disturbed.

Do not worry. I care about you more than you can comprehend. Live in my love, and the joy in your heart will not be taken from you.

Love, Jesus

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