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My Love is Poured Into Your Heart

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The Word is alive and active. It is a love letter from Christ to you. In prayer recently I was invited to use my gift of writing to speak Truth into your heart and your life. To make sure you receive these in your inbox every weekend (and big feast days), please subscribe :)

The Sacred Heart was a fantastic feast to begin this journey! <3


Solemnity of the Sacred Heart

Ezekiel 34:11-16 | Psalm 23 | Romans 5:5-11 | Luke 15:3-7

Dear one,

I am your Shepherd, there is nothing you shall want. Though you are only one, you matter to me. Whenever you wonder away from me, I seek you out. I place you on my shoulders and hold you near my Sacred Heart. When the world feels cloudy and dark, I will rescue you and give you repose in verdant pastures. When you're sick, I will heal you. When you're injured, I will swaddle you.

Do not be afraid. I am always at your side. Though you seek love from a partner, know that my love has been poured into your heart through the Holy Spirit. This love cannot be earned but is given freely to you right where you are at. I know every one of your sins and still I died for you.

You bring me great joy. You may feel lost in this world and experience loneliness but I am always here to find you in the depths of your heart. My heart beats for you and was pierced in love for you. Your heart was created for me. Come rest in my love.



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