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Nothing Will Harm You


14th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Isaiah 66:10-14 | Psalm 66 | Gal 6:14-18 | Luke 10:1-12, 17-20

Dear one,

You do not belong to this world. You are a new creation that I send out as an instrument of peace. You will not always be received well and you may even encounter wolves or serpents that try to force you to part from me. There is indeed a battle that you are a part of. Boast in my cross and know that any marks that you bear bring Our Father glory. Though you share in my pain, nothing will harm you.

My whole mission is to subject everything under my feet. I am the Lord. I hear your prayers and give you power in my name over the demons who battle for your heart. I will go before you. My kingdom is at hand. I am king and I give you my grace. Rejoice in this Truth.

See the ways I am working in your heart and in your life.

I want perfect peace for you.

I want to comfort you.

I want to save you.

I want to carry you in my arms.

Delight in my love and nourishment. I have given you friends and partners to accompany you on this journey so that you can know my love in the flesh. You are not called to go through this world alone. My love alone will guide you in your relationships and encounters with others. Cling not to any material things that distract you from your purpose. Whoever does not accept my love is not for you. You are not a savior. I am the master. Leave them for me. Remember the task at hand. You will be paid what you deserve. I appreciate your work. Your name is written in heaven.

Be kind.

Be glad.

Be full of joy.



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