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Return to Me


15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Deut 30:10-14 | Psalm 69 | Col 1:15-20 | Luke 10:25-37

Dear one,

Return to me with all your heart. This may sound like an elaborate request, but it is actually the most natural. I made you for myself so you will fell most authentic when you offer your whole being to me. You are not just throwing yourself and your needs into an abyss, but you are giving me everything. I can carry it and hold all things together in the way they fit best. I am always on the Throne and am never overwhelmed by what you give me. I've created you and everything around you. Let me be the Lord of your life. Let me be your Father so you can be a carefree child that knows you can run to me for help. When you cry, I will pick you up.

When you hear of the Good Samaritan, don't be hesitant to see yourself as the man in the gutter. I am here to help you and heal you. I will never abandon you. With this humble perspective you are better able to show compassion to those journeying with you. Be my hands and feet. Show your neighbor my love and mercy. Giving me your heart, mind, and strength will create the space I can use to fill you with abundant life. This is what you're made for. Just carry it out!

Love, Jesus

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