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Full of Grace and Chai Tea

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

"Friends, I just learned how to make a chai tea latte at home this morning! I happened to have all of the ingredients as well as the motivation to spend this Sunday writing. Isn't God the best? I am sitting in my favorite spot in the screened-in porch watching my cat rest in the rays of the sun coming through the window, listening to the birds blessing the Lord on this Sabbath day, and sipping on my delicious beverage as I begin to make my book writing dream come true. Bring it on, Starbucks!"

This paragraph is a glimpse of the introduction I wrote this morning for my book I've dreamed up for years. I will include more about it in future posts as I develop the dream and see how God works in the days ahead.

I am two weeks away from turning 30 and have recognized where I am in this season. I am loving my work as a marriage and family therapist associate at a Christ-centered practice and as a Coordinator of Adult Formation at a local parish.

I want to have a space to share what I learn from my clients and parishioners about humanity, longing, love, transitions, and beauty. We are all in a season where God is pursuing us and teaching us. These seasons are different, and we always seem to desire a season that we are not currently in. In the desert, we can realize the power of living water since we're so thirsty and hear the still, small voice because it's so quiet. In the blooming garden, we can soak up the sun and enjoy the much needed rest under a shaded tree surrounded by colorful bouquets of flowers. In the wide open field, we can dream big and harvest all that we've planted.

We may be feeling cast aside, left out, forgotten, or run down. The truth is that our lives are full of grace. God's pursuit of us never ceases and His love never fails. My book is going to be about the paradox of the words "aside" and "set apart" so there will be more reflection to come. For now, I want to invite you to pray for me on this journey.

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